Photo of Jamie Sahagun

Passionate, Curious, Diligent


I grew up in Richmond California. A place where kids aren’t concerned about education at all. Thanks to my parents, I stayed in school until I matured enough to finally take school serious. I quickly grew fond of physics and ever since I have never looked back. Now I’m in the best public university of the world soon to graduate. Can’t wait for what’s ahead of me.

At UC Berkeley I had the honor to work with professor Uros Seljak in Theoretical Cosmology specifically working with Dark Matter Halo Formation simulations.


Zheng H, Bonasera, A, Sahagun, J. Neutron Stars and Supernova explosions in the framework of Landau’s theory. International Journal of Modern Physics E. Vol. 24, Issue 7. 16 July, 2015.

My long term goals have changed through out the years for many reasons. I do not think a PhD is for me anymore but because of my love for physics, I decided to pursue a Masters in Physics. After graduating I hope to then find a job working with spacecraft with NASA, SpaceX, General Atomics or any other Aerospace company.


“NERDS has gave me the opportunity to grow as a student and as a professional. Nerds has provided resources which helped me academically like tutoring and has gave me the opportunity to do research which was a very valuable experience. NERDS also made it possible for me to attend national conferences where I got to meet many people with same interest and similar backgrounds which was a great experience. I got to present my research and make connections I would've never made.”