Photo of Diana Lizarraga, Student Equity & Success STEM Leader

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion STEM Professional

Diana provides leadership, direction, and vision for several diversity STEM programs at UC Berkeley. She has a proven ability to work collaboratively and productively with various colleagues, faculty, senior leadership, executives, companies, and educational communities to problem solve and promote student success. She provides vision for diversity initiatives (ex: STEMinist data science and coding boot camps in R/Python and technology-centric work-flow management). She works to recruit and build vibrant student communities (especially with first-generation and women in Tech), promote career opportunities, and close achievement gaps for educationally disadvantaged and non-traditional students. She oversees multiple budgets and to date Diana has brought in over $4,550,000 through various fundraising efforts (grants, collaborations, corporate sponsors, and donors).

With over 20 years of diversity STEM higher education experience in student services (including community college and graduate studies) she has expertise in recruitment and retention, advising models, equity and inclusion planning, data driven decision making, conflict management, and community outreach. She is comfortable with re-engineering strategic structures, educational theories (stereotype threat, impostor syndrome, self-concept, familismo, intersectionality, etc.), and complex educational landscapes.

Recent Awards | 2017 Woodland Community College Founder’s Day Honoree, the 2016 bay area Jefferson Public Service Award (Bay Area Recipient), the 2015 UC Berkeley’s Chancellors Outstanding Staff Award (and 2010 recipient), and the 2015 RISE Leader Community Award (female empowerment).

Reach out to Diana if you are interested in learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion and/or building partnerships to help untraditional STEM students.

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