Visiting Scholar Undergraduate Summer Research program

This program provides opportunities for Cal NERDS scholars to do research off-campus and also to have a few non-UC Berkeley visiting undergraduates get involved with STEM summer research at our campus.

2019 Visiting Summer Scholars
2019 Visiting Summer Scholars

NERDS gain depth through off-campus experiences
NERDS gain depth through off-campus experiences

Visiting research scholars will spend eight weeks at UC Berkeley this summer.
2018 Visiting research scholars

Congratulations 2020 Visiting Summer Research Scholars!

  • Alexander Del Torro, Cognitive Science, UC Merced
  • Luke Elissary, Chemistry, UC Los Angeles
  • Victoria Lerda, Chemistry, UC Merced
  • RJ Millena, Biological Sciences, UC Davis
  • Charu Garapaty, UC Santa Barbara
  • Francine Morales, Physics, UC Berkeley (going off campus)

2019 Visiting Summer Research Scholars

  • Shaneen Britton Acevedo, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Santa Cruz
  • Eimy Castellanos, Biochemistry, UC Santa Cruz
  • Karen Cornejo, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, UC Davis
  • Anthony Garcia, Chemistry, UC Merced
  • David Ifediba, Psychology, UC Riverside
  • Saul Pachecho, UC Berkeley (went to UC San Francisco)

2018 Visiting Research Scholars

*Hanh Nguyen, Biochemistry/Chemistry, UC San Diego

*Daniel Chu, Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara

*Anoop Praturu, Astrophysics, UC Santa Barbara

*Scarlett Yu, Physics, UC Los Angeles

*Jenny Lyn Arabit, Chemical Engineering, UC Davis

*Joshua Castro, Physics, UC San Diego

NERDS at CERN in Switzerland
NERDS at CERN in Switzerland

2017 Visiting Research Scholars

*Liya Oster, Biophysics, from UCLA

*Christine Rahal, Chemistry, from UCSD

*Carlos Osuna, Nano-Engineering, from UCSD

*Bonnie Lam, Engineering, from UCLA

*Melvin Abzun, Engineering, from UCSC

*Francisco Ojeda, Engineering, from UC Berkeley going to SoCal

For UC LEADS undergraduate Scholars Interested in coming to UC Berkeley to do research in STEM - please consider the following:

  • Five visiting UC LEADS scholars each summer
  • Students are part of our eight week summer research program (mid-June to mid-August)
  • Summer 2020 UC LEADS 2nd Year Scholars need to work with their home campus Director to understand the process and secure a UC Berkeley main campus Faculty Mentor. This means their faculty lab is located on the main UC Berkeley campus. If you are interested in working at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) then you will need to work directly with their representatives as this is a different program than the UC Berkeley UC LEADS program.
  • Application open by special invitation to 1st year UC LEADS Scholars
  • Must be a registered as a student at one of the eight UC campuses other than UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco
  • U.S Citizens, permanent residents, or DREAMers
  • Must be willing to live in UC Berkeley dorms/campus housing during summer program
  • Should strive for an overall 3.0 UC GPA
  • Must be continuing as an undergraduate the fall after the summer experience
  • Note: additional paperwork from your home UC LEADS campus is required
  • 2020 Summer Application Process | Closed - we have confirmed five UC LEADS Scholars for 2020

For undergraduate students from other non-UC Berkeley students (that are not UC LEADS Scholars) - please consider the following:

  • Students are part of our eight week summer research program (mid-June to mid-August), dates are not negotiable (no early arrivals or late departures)
  • We do not have funding to pay for housing, transportation, or parking for the summer
  • Visiting undergraduate schoalr are typically juniors who are part of the following programs; McNair, Mellon Mays, MESA community college program, Leadership Alliance, and/or NSF LSAMP/NSF CAMP
  • Please TEXT Diana Lizarraga at # 510.778.5165 if you are interested in getting more information
  • 2020 Summer Application | Unfortunately, we do not have additional funding at this time for summer 2020

For UC Berkeley STEM students - please consider the following:

Note: In the past NERDS have spent the summer at University of Chicago, University of Southern California, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, Stanford, UCSF, UCD, UCI, UCM, UCSD, UCLA, UCR, UCSD, UCSC, and international projects in Israel, Switzerland (CERN), and England

  • Where is it you would like to go off campus?
  • It is suggested that you identify two faculty on a particular campus that you are interested in working with
  • Please consider looking into the Student Opportunity Funds for additional funding for travel
  • Please TEXT Diana Lizarraga at # 510.778.5165 if you are interested in getting more information
  • 2020 Summer Application Link is Now Open: