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Enthusiastic, Determined, Benevolent

UC LEADS Scholar

Hello! My name is Jacob (Jake) Bryon. I am currently a fourth year physics major at UC Berkeley. I am interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in electrical engineering, focusing in physical devices. I have over two years of experimental condensed matter physics research experience at Berkeley, as well as nuclear particle physics research experience at UCLA.

In spring 2015 I began working with Alex Zettl’s research group. Since my time began with the group I have completed many projects. Some of these projects include using vapor transport to successfully synthesize crystals of niobium diselendide and niobium triselenide, design and construction of high vacuum systems, restoration and regeneration of a glove box, design and creation of multiple electrical probes, cryostat operation for electrical transport measurements, and work with carbon nano-tubes.

In the summer 0f 2016 I became a UC LEADS Scholars, where during that summer I continued my work with the Zettl group. The following year in 2017 I participated in research at UCLA with Huan Huang’s group, working on experimental nuclear physics working with the STAR collaboration at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). My research consisted entirely of programing and data analysis where I worked using C/C++ and the physics analysis package developed at CERN ROOT.

Outside of research, I have much experience volunteering with various clubs and working. I am currently officer in the Society of Physics Students. Also I work at the Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive as a gallery attendant, where I have worked over three years. As well I am a MCAT physics instructor for The Princeton Review, where I have been for over a year. I have also acted as a math and physics tutor for PEACE tutoring, a member of the German Film Club and served as the House President of Ridge House with the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

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“NERDS has helped support me finically and enabled me to spend more time on my research. Additionally, NERDS has given me support and confidence in my research from all of the care they give to students. The people in the NERDS community truly care about one another and really are a community. It is the community I have been searching for and I hope to hold on to.”

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