Photo of Chris Noble

Student Advising & Coordinating

Chris Noble is one of the first persons you’ll see when you stop by the center. He’s a reassuring and calming presence for students and staff alike. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in Graphic Design, Chris returned to the Bay Area, working in the profession for two years. In 2002 he joined the world of STEM education when he took a job with the UC Leads Program – Leadership Excellence Through Advanced Degrees – as an administrator. Throughout the years as the program grew to include more programs, he transitioned to work more closely with Cal NERDS, this time as a student advisor. Among many of the things he enjoys helping with the program his work includes guiding students on their first professional conference experience where they present their research. It entails everything from walking them through their presentations to coordinating the travel itinerary, to assisting with the design of their presentation posters and practicing elevator pitches. Aware that these students sometimes don’t have the resources for polishing touches, he’ll also coordinate with campus entities and retailers to make sure they have the professional clothing to make them feel great about themselves and the work they do. And sometimes, when the creative spark permits he gets to dust off his design skills and ply them into designing new logos for the programs.

“I’m very honored to work with the NERDS scholars in supporting them in their scientific passions and exposing them to opportunities for their growth. The icing on the cake is when I get to see their research presentations and learn not only how they contributed to the project, but how they made, and continue to make, a positive impact in the world we live in.”