Photo of Andrea Bonilla, Undergraduate

I am an Integrative Biology & Spanish and Portuguese double major. I am the eldest of three and the first person in my family to pursue a higher education. Being the first has definitely been a challenge. Because I am the first, it is difficult to know what path to follow and where to seek resources, especially as a STEM student. My parents came to the United States seeking a better future for my sisters and I. This, however, did not mean that they could provide me with any assistance when it came to pursuing a higher education. It is because of this that programs like NERDs have been vital resources for me as I continue to pursue my goal of becoming a physician. From the countless workshops to the informational panels and interview preparation, NERDs has given me the confidence and resources necessary to continue onto medical school. It has definitely eased the process for me and shed some light on what my steps after undergrad should be. I hope to one day earn an MD/MPH and serve underserved communities just like mine. I also hope to find a way to integrate medicine and education because I have found that I enjoy teaching as well. Had it not been for the teachers and role models that believed in me/inspired me, I would not be where I am today. I hope to one day be able to empower students, with similar backgrounds to mine, to pursue careers in STEM.