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Passionate about creating change in my community

NSF LSAMP/CAMP Scholar, Hutto Patterson Fellow’

I am a first-generation college student from Oakland, CA. Growing up in a low-income, underrepresented community has taught me a lot about facing challenges and overcoming adversities. In the seventh grade, I began to learn about various STEM disciplines and since then I knew that this was the field I would want to pursue for my future career. I am constantly excited about the positive change STEM has on my community and across the world. I also look forward to contributing my ideas and goals in this area. At Cal, I love to remain active through my participation in organizations like Cal NERDS and Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. I was a student financial analyst at the Haas School of Business and am the recipient of the Incentives Award Program and Cal Opportunity Scholarship.

My personal goal is to continue providing educational and professional job security as well as motivation to my Latino and underrepresented communities. As an inner city child, I always worried about the financial hardships my peers and I faced. My goal is to continue being a liaison and a support system to students and families who share the same set of struggles I did while growing up. Professionally, I aspire to move up the ladder in the corporate technology industry and I want my work to reflect my passions for change through the intersections of STEM.

During the summer of 2016, I have worked as a LinkedIn HR Intern supporting Consumer Engineering. Throughout my 12 weeks I worked on four major projects that focused on creating opportunity for diverse groups such as veterans, underrepresented minorities, women, and youth.


“NERDS has provided me a space where I can continue to explore my educational curiosity. As a student of color studying STEM, I longed for a community where I could see and be with other students who have gone through similar struggles as mine. Every aspect of NERDS has helped me grow into a well-performing student. It hasn't only been the services of free printing and a study space, but the friendships and professional relationships I have created every time I enter the space have helped me grow. Overall, NERDS has positivity impacted my professional, academic, and personal life.”

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