Photo of Miguel Soto

Curious, Sociable, Determined

NSF CAMP Scholar​

I am a senior in civil engineering from San Jose, CA. I’m interested in applications structural dynamics and fluid mechanics. I enjoy playing basketball and hanging out with friends. I’m actively involved in HES (Hispanic Engineers and Scientists) and have served on the executive board. I’m part of the Incentive Awards Program and a Gates Millennium Scholar.

I’ve worked in Professor Raja Sengupta’s Cal Unmanned Aviation lab for almost two years. There we focused on designing and manufacturing the safest and most reliable UAV’s for safe package delivery. This research was conducted in the Department of Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley. This summer I have began working with Professor Lee at USC. Here we are using computer simulations to better understand beam deflection and to model how building would react to earthquakes and other unpredictable forces.


“NERDS has surrounded me with people that share similar goals with me academically, but also similar passions personally. It is a space I can call home because of the abundance of support I have received over the years. ”

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