Photo of Janna Abad, Undergraduate

Persevering, Inquisitive, Empathic

​Bergeron Scholar

I am a transfer student from Los Angeles majoring in Environmental Engineering Science. What motivates me most is my passion for healing. During my time at Cal, I’ve been able to explore that in many ways. Whether it’s taking fluid mechanics or bacterial pathogenesis, learning how to help the environment and the people in it has been a wonderful experience for me. My outside hobbies include gardening, gymnastics, and snowboarding. I guess I’d like to describe myself as a jack of all trades and a master of some 😉

My long term goals are not set in stone, and my dreams are ever-changing. Sometimes I can see myself being a professor teaching a subject I love, or a research scientist making groundbreaking discoveries. Whatever I end up doing, I hope I do it with passion and kindness. I dream to always have a positive effect on the world around me.

I’ve been a research assistant in David Sedlak’s Civil and Environmental Engineering lab. His research group is studying the efficacies of certain geomedia in the context of stormwater filtration. During the Summer of 2016, I will be an intern at Gladstone Institutes working in their Histology and Light Microscopy Core.


“NERDs has been integral to my success at Cal. My biggest issue in transferring was the financial burden it was placing on my family. I received an email about the Bergeron Scholars program and was nervous to apply. It seemed out of my reach and too good to be true, but I had to try everything I could to fund my education. The first time I met the program directors Di and Chris, I was so surprised at how down-to-earth and kind they were. It felt like we were already friends. They are the most caring people I've met at Cal, and I feel so blessed to have their support through the NERDs program.

A donation to the NERDs program funds so much more than I can write here. It's unlike any scholarship program I've ever heard of. You will be funding programs that change the lives of so many students and their families. NERDs is not just a source of financial aid to us - it's our family, our home away from home.”

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