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Empathetic, Curious, Hard-working


I’m Jackie! I come from a tiny little town in Idaho. I’m a civil engineering major looking to attend grad school in environmental fluid mechanics with the hope of being a professor someday. I’m the treasurer of American Indian Science and Engineering Society and a NSF CAMP scholar. I love everything outdoors but especially the snow.

Down the road, I see myself as a professor with a huge garden. I’d love to be able to mentor the next generations of thinkers while also still being able to learn for myself. Also, I love gardening.

Research experiences:

Summer 2014: Arsenic in rural California groundwater with Professor Susan Amrose

Summer 2015: Wastewater reclamation: a case study with Professor Amy Sapkota

Summer 2016: Environmental fluid mechanics research with Professor Mark Stacey


“NERDS is so important for the development of underrepresented, low income, first generation STEM students at Cal. It's the support system that's lacking from the rest of the STEM culture. NERDS offers varying degrees of assistance, from free printing to full tuition scholarships. All of their services are so crucial to our time here. I would not be where I am if it was not for NERDS.”

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