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Ambitious, Smart, and Charismatic

Bergeron Scholar, NSF CAMP, and UC LEADS Research Scholar​

Through practicing Polynesian dance and teaching southern style line dancing along the coast of California, Imari Walker uses dance to connect with various cultures around the world. An avid exercise enthusiast, she has participated in cross fit, 12K runs, and insanity fit challenges. Passionate for travel, she has visited over 11 states in the US and two countries. Her many travels influenced her concerns for the future of clean accessible water, due to increased anthropogenic influences of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the fall 2016, Imari has been accepted in a graduate program focusing in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University where she will be studying water quality. She hopes to one day be a professor and scientific policy advisor. Imari walker is a Marine Science major at the University of California, Berkeley with an expected graduation date of May 2016. Imari layered in many programs to help her with her STEM trajectory. She was a Bergeron Scholar, UC LEADS Scholar, and CAMP Scholar that was also awarded the Cal Alumni Leadership Award in 2012 and 2013.

My honors thesis was with Professor Jim Bishop in the Earth and Planetary Science Department. I did image analysis of how much carbon moved deeper into the water column.


“NERDS has provided me with not only resources but a community of people that have helped me along every step of the way through my undergraduate career. As a UC LEADS and NSF CAMP Scholar, my sophomore and juniors years, I was able to take part in summer research. Those experiences allowed me to learn what is research and what kind of research I would be interested in doing in the future. They also gave me enough experience to help me decide that I did want to go to graduate school. Through the Cal NERDS programs and resources, I was able to prepare for and take the Graduate Record Exam, travel to conferences and present my research, and also learn how to put together a professional wardrobe. Through a small clothing grant, I was received a new suit that gave me confidence I needed to present in front of new audiences.

All of these experiences have helped me develop my skill of communicating science to people with varied levels of knowledge on my research topic I also got funding that went to supplies for my scientific independent research abroad in Moorea, French Polynesia which gave me international exposure and helped me decide on my chosen career path of becoming a professor of environmental engineering.

During my senior year, Cal NERDS helped me develop my professional skills through workshops on building a LinkedIn profile, writing a resume and bio, how to prepare for an interview, as well as help with graduate school essays and summer job applications. I was also selected as a Bergeron Scholar and paired with a wonderful mentor Dr. Hattie Carwell. ”

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