STEMinist Data Science August Bootcamps: Registration Open!

Contact Director Diana Lizarraga, #510.778.5165 (texts ok),

What are our STEMinists are saying about their experience with us?
  • “I learned more in 3 days than I did in an entire semester on how to work with various data software! The fact that I was fully accommodated with sign language interpreters for the entire STEMinist experience is the main reason for that, and has given me a new appreciation on the value of data science”.
  • “STEMinist made the idea of entering into the real world after college much less stressful and it greatly prepared me in ways to prepare and put my best self out there”.
  • “From three days of workshop, STEMinist help me to understand what and how to prepare myself to get into Data Science field. The experiential workshop, role models from tech industry, and data science training were very practical and engaging”.
  • “Now a last-semester senior, there have not been many times these past four years I have been truly inspired or encouraged to believe in myself, or given the confirmation that I am capable of more than I think. But this program was able to do that and help me regain confidence.”
  • “STEMinist was an amazing way to learn the fundamentals of data science and go through professional development. I’ve never been around so many people who care about me personally and are willing to go through so much effort with me individually to make me a better, stronger, person.”
  • “STEMinist helped me discover a new field (data science) that I never even considered prior to the program. I was afraid of anything involving coding or math, but the supportive and responsive curriculum and class environment allowed me to see that this is something I CAN do. I feel empowered to pursue further data science courses now that I have had an introduction”.

PopUp August Session A | Registration CLOSED
  • W-F, August 2nd-4th

August Session B | Registration OPEN

About Our Initiative
According to the American Association of Women only 26% of computing professionals are women (Belec, 2016). STEMinist provides data science training, R coding, and career preparation to UC Berkeley STEM female low-income and/or underrepresented minority undergraduate and graduate students. If you are not a student but part of our campus community and are interested in STEMinist please text Director Diana Lizarraga. This opportunity helps participants pivot into internships and job opportunities in the tech industry. Goals include developing a female tech industry ready workforce, providing insight into tech-related career trajectories, connecting with positive female industry role models, career preparation, and creating hands-on experiences with data science and coding in R. In three sessions students can gain an introduction to Data Science, develop a network, and learn how to create a strong LinkedIn profile. Our are fortunate to collaborate with various partners for our coding and professional development including Author of “Get The Job You Love: An easy to follow guide to help students get the career they want” and LinkedIn Coach Marjorie Weingrow, Data School, LinkedIn, Pandora, etc.
A few of our Cohort #1 STEMinists
A few of our Cohort #1 STEMinists

STEMinist Cohort #2 | Jan 2017

PROGRAM ELEMENTS | Data Science Training
  • Data Science Perspectives from Role Models

  • Data Tools and Techniques: R coding

  • Professional Headshots

  • LinkedIn Development

  • Professional Development

Must attend all three on campus sessions (11 am to 5 pm). Lunch provided for each session.
Our Fall 2016 STEMinist Speakers helped us celebrate Cohort 1 at our certificate ceremony
Our Fall 2016 STEMinist Speakers helped us celebrate Cohort 1 at our certificate ceremony

STEMinist | Additional Information
  • LinkedIn Mountain View HQ Tech Industry Visit: Friday, August 18th

  • Bootcamp Student cost: FREE

  • Participants will need to bring their UC Berkeley student ID and their own laptop to each Friday session. In addition, we will ask you to download software before the start of the first session.

  • Prerequisites: Algebraic concepts including an understanding of functions and variables, and how to graph linear functions.

  • It is a plus (but not required) if you have some knowledge in Calculus (Math 1A/B, 16A/B), Statistical Probability (Stat 134), Linear Algebra (Math 54), Computer Science (CS 61A/B), and/or Business (UGBA 10).

  • Twitter | @CalSTEMinist