Saturday Python Coding Bootcamps: Registration Open!

Making coding accessible to diversity STEM undergrad and graduate students. Cal NERDS Python bootcamps provide access to coding to UC Berkeley diversity STEM undergraduate and graduate students. They are offered throughout the year. Each bootcamp is around four hours long and scheduled on the weekends. There are two types of bootcamps covering different topics; Introduction to Python - no prior coding experience needed and Advanced Python. These workshops are designed for students who don’t have time to enroll in a semester-long course but want coding experience. These bootcamps are made possible by a generous donor named Susan Lyne. Get ready for a career in the tech industry with these skills sets!

Photo of students using their computers to code in python
NERDS coding at our student center

REGISTRATION FOR INTRO TO PYTHON | Saturday, November 11th, Noon to 4 pm

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“I'm a dss student and have fear of taking classes that I'm not familiar with particularly, high tec. classes. Most of the classes are impacted and getting help in a computer class is not realistic. The weekend class was manageable everyone was great. The group created a friendly atmosphere that made us all feel included. It helped me loose fear of learning a new computer program.”
- Lena, UC Berkeley Senior

Python Contact Info

Python Team: Kenia & Dawnia
Python Team: Kenia & Dawnia

Cal NERDS Python Student Coordinator Kenia Pina

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Cal NERDS Director Diana Lizarraga

# (510) 778-5165, texts ok

In this workshop, we will learn about fundamental data types, conditionals, loops, functions, debugging techniques, and plotting with the numpy and matplotlib packages. No prior coding experience needed. Participants also receive a intro to python coding book. Please note that you must use your UC Berkeley e-mail to register. Non-UC Berkeley e-mails will be removed form registration. Other future dates will be September 23rd, October 21st, and November 11th.

REGISTRATION FOR ADVANCED PYTHON | Saturday, December 2nd, Noon to 4 pm

Registration Link:

In the advanced python bootcamp, we will learn about more advanced data structures, object-oriented programming, scientific computing techniques, and analyzing text and data from files. Please note that you must use your UC Berkeley e-mail to register. Non-UC Berkeley e-mails will be removed form registration.

Please note that we register two bootcamps at at time (Python 101 and Python 201). For example, if you are trying to register for a December Python bootcamp, you will need to visit this page after the November 11th workshop has happened. Our links go live usually the Monday after.

Python Bootcamp (September 2017)
Python Bootcamp (September 2017)