Photo of Kevin Marroquin, Undergraduate

Determined, Honest, Jokester


I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. I’m very passionate about physics, you’d see me NERDing out about special relativity or electromagnetic radiation ever once in a while. I wish to go to graduate school and get a Ph.D.. in physics. Through this, I hope to do research in physics and inspire younger generations in STEM. In the Summer of 2016 my research project was to help visualize and understand Type Ia supernovae under the direction of Dr. Peter Nugent and one of his graduate students. I enjoy long walks/hikes, traveling and trying new things, watching old cinema, improv theater, listening to old music, and playing classical guitar.


“NERDS helps students with no support or connections. Students with limited opportunities that come to big universities like Berkeley are also at a disadvantage. Not only do they have no guidance, they aren't given the tools needed to succeed after college. NERDs helps these students by giving opportunities in professional development, career, and graduate school preparation, and other smaller resources such as a textbook library and computer lab to balance the playing field.”